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by editorial staff last modified 2014-10-02 13:28

What is language technology?

Language technology (also called computational linguistics) is a broad and cross-disciplinary area, where linguistics and computer science meet. It concerns how human language is constructed and how a computer may be programmed in order to handle our language. The goal of language technology is to simplify and improve the communication between people and between people and computers. It might be that you thanks to an automatically read translation are able to speak Swedish with someone who speaks Arabic, that you can talk to your computer instead of using the keyboard, or that your text is automatically corrected by the computer.


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What is Språ

Språ is the national language technology center in Sweden. Here, both the public, companies, researchers and others can find information about Swedish language technology: products, technologies, research reports, conferences, people, organizations, a large collection of Nordic and International links, and much more. To non Swedish visitors, the relevant folders are primarily Resources, Players, and Links. The web site is run by the Swedish graduate school of language technology, GSLT,  and The language council. The language council is the responsible publisher. We cooperate with NorDokNet, a network of language technology web sites in the Nordic countries, and LT-World.

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